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Product Copy

The comfort of a USA-made cotton hoodie, merged harmoniously with a gale-resistant thermal outer layer. Outside, a cotton satin shell sourced from Japan; inside, a premium waffle-knit thermal liner. An excellent springtime garment.
— Best Made Co. Reinforced Osaka Thermal Jacket
One of Leica’s most capable compact cameras, now with a heavy-duty cotton neck strap and an all-new automatically shutting/opening lens cap. Turn on the camera, and the lens pops out of a space station-esque hatch; turn it off, and the lens retreats back in. You’ll never have to think about protecting your lens again.
— Leica D-Lux Explorer Kit
J.Crew’s newest collection includes jeans, chinos, shorts and even suiting, all of which look like regular ol’ great-looking J.Crew clothes, but thanks to a special elastane fabric, they feel like something you’d wear playing tennis or doing wheelies on a dirt bike.
— J.Crew Stretch Collection
Photo albums are like rarely touched museum artifacts. They are left to gather dust on living room shelves because they stoke feelings of warm nostalgia and announce to guests that this house has stories to tell. Joy’s new digital photo album seeks to bring photo albums into the modern age and, as a result, to place photo albums into the forefront of every happy home. Designed by a team of ex-Apple and Sonos employees, the 13.3-inch HD touchscreen tablet automatically syncs all of your cloud-based photos, displaying them in a clean, easily-navigable interface. It charges wirelessly on its stand; taken off, its battery provides five hours of journeying through the past.
— Joy Digital Photo Album
The third collaboration between legendary British designer Paul Smith and Angelpoise, a maker of beautifully designed contemporary desk and floor lamps. The new collection evokes the unique artistic style of the Dutch painter Mondrian, and features modern angular lines.
— Angelpoise Paul Smith Edition Lamp
The New York Times recently argued that we have an “intimate relationship” with our phones, much like a best friend or soulmate. For many people, that’s becoming an increasingly serious problem; when we love our phones too much, we pay less attention to the things that truly matter. The Light Phone is an elegant solution to our undying attachment to our devices. Paired with your smartphone, it acts as a second phone, capable only of making and receiving calls. There are only two buttons: one lock slider, one power. Inlaid over the matte white or matte black surface is an OLED display, and the included SIM card, which costs $5 per month, stores up to nine speed-dial contacts.
— The Light Phone
Best Made Co.’s entry into the world of Dyneema is stunning, for it appears to be the NYC-based company’s most forward-thinking, technologically-advanced product ever produced. Best Made Co. is known not for technical gear, but for its traditional Americana aesthetic and its devout dedication to top-notch heritage goods — the kinds of things you’d find in a rustic lakeside cabin in Wisconsin, or a ritzy penthouse in Manhattan. But the Dyneema Patrol Pack is different.
— Best Made Co. Dyneema Patrol Pack
You’d think the terms ‘high-end’ and ‘handmade in Italy’ connote eyebrow-raising price tags. And all too often, they do — but usually for no other reason than for the manufacturer to crank the markup value as high as it can go. Oliver Cabell, on the other hand, handcrafts all of their premium Italian goods with total transparency, which means no shady markups — simply the finest quality goods, at incredibly affordable prices. This Italian cotton and leather Dopp kit is their latest design.
— Oliver Cabell Arcata Travel Kit
You can tell a lot about a person by how they organize their backpack. If it’s clean and tidy, with everything packed neatly into its designated spot, they’re likely a mindful person who cherishes their material possessions. The opposite of that would be my roommate, who tosses his litter and filth around our apartment without giving it a second thought. Maybe he needs one of Osprey’s new GearKit bags.
— Osprey GearKit Bags
Spy’s new collection of beachy lifestyle sunglasses throw sand in Ray-Ban’s face. The frame is handmade acetate; the lens features Spy’s special color-enhancing and focus-boosting technology.
— Spy Loma Sunglasses
You don’t need to be a sommelier to appreciate the astounding complexity of wine. You do, however, need to drink it the way its makers intended, if you want to actually taste that complexity. This requires that you maintain an incredibly delicate balance of temperature, air and light. Plum completely automates this complicated process: simply insert two bottles of your choice, close the door, and it’ll scan the bottle to determine the perfect temperature of that particular wine; argon gas preserves the wine for up to 90 days; a touchscreen interface makes selecting the exact pour amount nearly effortless.
— Plum Super-Automatic Wine Appliance
Filson’s Down Cruiser belongs to that precious category of workwear-inspired jackets that are equally well suited for both New York City streets and Wyoming hunting lodges. It’s made with hard-wearing, rain-repellent oiled canvas and solid brass hardware and contains eight external pockets — two of which warm your hands like a pair of burly lined mittens. The Cruiser also features a wool-lined collar that adds all-day comfort, while a storm flap and rib-knit cuffs seal out arctic winds.
— Filson Down Cruiser
Three unique mirrorless camera filters, all rolled into one 28mm lens. The first emphasizes a center focal point and adds a swirl effect around the edges; the second does the same but with a dreamy glow surrounding the subject; the third brings one subject into focus and blurs out the rest. All it takes to switch between the three is a simple twist of the lens.
— LensBaby Trio 28
Icebreaker, the Auckland-based company that helped pioneer the use of merino wool in modern outdoor apparel, announced its first-ever line of urban lifestyle basics: the TABI Collection. The new line represents a striking paradigm shift for Icebreaker, who has rarely, if ever, been associated with urban-adventure apparel; its products are found mostly on ski slopes and campgrounds, where technical details often outshine any semblance of thoughtful styling.
— Icebreaker TABI Collection